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Sensicomm LLC - DSP design services.

Algorithms, software and hardware for sensors, signal processing, and communications.
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Sensicomm LLC: Company and Contact Information

Sensicomm LLC was started in 2003 by Joseph Rothweiler, a signal processing specialist with over 25 years of experience in a variety of signal processing applications and domains.

Sensicomm LLC is a limited liability company registered in the state of New Hampshire. It was started to provide signal processing consulting services to in the fields of audio, voice, and other signal processing disciplines. Technical support is typically provided on a consulting basis. Other arrangements, such as subcontracting, vendor, or teaming on a project will also be considered. Please contact me to discuss specifics.

Sensicomm LLC is located in Hudson, NH, USA.
The phone number is +1 603 882 5688.
Normal office hours are 8 AM to 5 PM EST, or leave a message anytime.

Email may be sent to

NH Business ID 436473
D&B DUNS 15-768-4783
IRS TIN/EIN Available.

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