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MHZ100Q is a hardware design/VHDL code project using multiple 100 MHZ A/D converters. It's hosted at

Other sofware is hosted at Google Code

110310cdc_usb.tgz 2011-03-10 Demo of a USB interface implemented in an FPGA. 9.3kB
gerbtrim_091118.tgz 2009-11-18 GPL3 - Simple trimming of Gerber files (PCB CAD files). 37kB
ax8_experiment1_080527.tgz 2008-05-27 GPL3 - VHDL code to demo the AX8 core from 18kB

Still other files for download are currently hosted on my ISP at

The old address for these files was Now that the transition from Verizon to Fairpoint has been completed, that link is no longer active.

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