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Sensicomm LLC - DSP design services.

Algorithms, software and hardware for sensors, signal processing, and communications.
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about_contact.shtml Sensicomm LLC: Company and Contact Information
blog.shtml Sensicomm LLC blog link
downloads/index.shtml Downloads
linux/acer_5253/index.shtml Installing Debian Linux on an Acer Aspire 5253-BZ602 laptop
linux/index.shtml Things Linux-related
projects.shtml Examples of DSP algorithm, software, and hardware projects.
projects/anadigm/index.shtml Anadigm Field Programmable Analog Array (FPAA)
projects/blackfin/index.shtml A Reed-Solomon Coder/Decoder for the Blackfin Processor
projects/docs/cic_filter.shtml The Cascaded Integrator-Comb (CIC) Filter
projects/fpga/AX8_on_Xilinx.shtml Using the AX8 (AVR clone) FPGA core from opencores
projects/fpga/digilent_nexys_usb.shtml Using the Digilent Nexys USB interface in Linux
projects/fpga/ieee_fpga.shtml FPGA's, Linux, Open Source
projects/fpga/mhz100q.shtml MHZ100Q: Oscilloscope project on SourceForge and/or Google Code
projects/fpga/quad_100mhz_a2d.shtml A 100 MHz quad 8-bit A/D PCB for Xilinx Spartan-III Eval Boards.
projects/robospeechrec/index.shtml A Testbed for Voice-Based Robot Control
projects/talkingpsoc/psoc.shtml The Talking PSoC
public.shtml Publications on DSP topics.
sitemap.shtml Sitemap

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