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Algorithms, software and hardware for sensors, signal processing, and communications.
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Examples of DSP algorithm, software, and hardware projects.

Projects are described here to a level of detail consistent with obligations to the client. In some cases that includes permission to release code and other documentation as open source.

FPGA/DSP projects

MHZ100Q is an open source data acquisition project that includes a 4-channel, 100MHz A/D conversion PCB with buffer amplifiers and antialiasing filtering. It interfaces to Xilinx FPGA development boards by Digilent. The project also includes a standalone version that contains 2 A/D channels, an FPGA, and a USB interface. Firmware implemented in VHDL performs filtering and desampling to simulate lower sampling rates, and buffers blocks of data for transfer to a host PC via the USB interface.


Projects have been performed for various clients include

Self-funded projects (for which I can provide details) include:

Notes about installing Linux on my Acer 5253 laptop are here: linux/acer_5253/index.shtml.

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